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28 January 2020

Violet Evergarden: Eien to Jidoushuki Ningyou

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Despite the calamity that happened upon them last year, Kyoto Animation’s latest silver screen outing still holds to their standard. After having the chance to witness Violet Evergarden: Eien to Jidoushuki Ningyou (English: Violet Evergarden: the Automatic Memory Doll with Eternity) last weekend, it still left a fragrant aftertaste even days later.
The Japanese have a knack to make any mundane profession or activity into philosophical raison d’être—just take a look at last years’s Gaikotsu Shoten’in Honda-san, and in this film they do basically that, but to the postal industry as a whole—and by proxy to the ghostwriting industry.

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26 July 2018

Mangaka who Should Consider Collaborating

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Being a mangaka—a Japanese comic artist—is a prestige. But the competition is tough and the crowd is hard to please. In the last decade, the number of aspiring mangaka has grown exponentially. The number of anime aired each season has doubled. Yet, one will argue that the number of quality manga stayed relatively the same.

To be blunt, I find that some of the best manga are the ones that is written not by the comic artist. But rather the ones which was written by someone else; ones that was penned by a story writer and adapted to a graphic novel by a mangaka. Consider the likes of One Punch Man and Death Note. Both are collaboration works and both are among the greatest manga ever published.

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21 May 2017

[Anime Review] Koe no Katachi

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Masa sekolah adalah masa-masa di mana kita melakukan kesalahan, di mana dari proses kesalahan tersebut kita belajar untuk tidak membuat kesalahan yang sama untuk kedua kalinya–proses ini disebut sebagai belajar dengan jalan keras, yang mana juga adalah proses belajar dengan tingkat katarsis paling dalam.

Pelajaran yang didapat dari proses ini tidak terdaftar dalam registrasi proses memori, melainkan terdaftar secara emosional, membentuk persona kita menjadi siapa kita sekarang. Inilah yang dialami Ishida Shouya di Koe no Katachi—The Shape of Voice—karya Yoshitoki Ooima.


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