It's just another day on the web; Looking at memes, browsing imageboards, insulting the newfaggotry of summerfag who can't evens sadpanda on /a/... but then a nostalgic post hit up.

It was a post reminiscing a personal angelfire page. Good lord, that design, before when post-postmodernism hits the midyear of web 2.0... Yeah, I know. This blog is an attempt to bring it back again. If you adopt sleek modern design—like material or god-forbid bootstrap, you are lowering the uniqueness of WWW by another number. Seriously, browsing a website in raw JSON format is better than how modern web design nowadays.

Not kidding, I legit miss the web design prior to 2017. One way to see how web design became uniform, you really should browse any website that provides blog templates, sort their templates by date, and begin the retrospective journey.

Such a shame. WWW was much more personal space back then. Your blog is not just an extension of your image; it was literally you, no matter how edgy, labile, or pretending to be an intellectual you are. I am being ironic, am I?

I am not pointing finger, but as much as design frameworks ease the creation process of your website, you got to admit that it kills some of its identity.

Man, I miss the simpler age of website design...

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