Remember in my previous post that I said I miss the older website design aesthetic? Not just web 2.0 old, but older than that—I mean static HTML pages age.

Guess what? It might be happening.

Just earlier, I was browsing the gripes I had; why does the websites nowadays looks similar. Apparently people have the same opinion. Take example of The Only Bootstrap Page, it summarized everything perfectly. People has been too liberal with design frameworks for the past few years. It was intended for something else; to ease up the creation process, but people bluntly taken as a standard. Hence the problem; the WWW has become uniformed. Whereas 25% of websites today is made using wordpress, and most popular Wordpress themes are dependant on Bootstrap design.

But then again, remember those retro futurism movies? Remember the aiming UI of Millenium Falcon from the original trilogy? It sure looks dated for something happened long time ago in a galaxy far-far away. According to UI standards today, there is no way anyone would use such UI, right? I don't know about that.

I mean, you are reading this article in my blog—one of the websites with challenging design.

According to the art theory, there are phases of art styles. Classic, modern, post-modern, and where we live now is the post-postmodern age. But then again, where next? As anticlimatic as it can be, we can only go back. To the roots back!

As you are reading now, there has been rising number of websites designed notfocusing on the appeal anymore, and instead uses the blunt deliverance. As long as it's functional, then it is all the experience. It doesn't artistically simplyfy the user experience, the simplicity IS the user experience.

What is this trend called? Well, it's called as BRUTALISM.

Just like as its name suggest, it doesn't lul you into visual treat. This is the web design form of dank memes. It's happening, and you cannot run.

I used to think that after how the world wide web have become past 2013, I grown pessimistic that the websites I have seen from Cyberpunk movies or games are never going to be a thing anymore. But seeing how Brutalism going, I might be wrong; those Cyberpunk design might be waiting to be a hit after we gone a full circle on this modern web design fad.

Anyway, if you want to see more examples of Brutalism—I think this website counts as one—visit BrutalistWebsites. They indexes the growing number of brutal website designs.

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